Our vision 
Seventy percent of our planet is made up of water providing life for all living organisms such as food, energy, leisure time for mankind.  Water also connects people as 80% of global trade is based on waterborne transport. 

To ensure next generations' rights to have a quality life, we have important responsibilities to protect our oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes while using for transport, energy, food sources and recreation. At NAVTEK, we provide unrivalled, disruptive innovative waterborne transport solutions and technologies to safeguard these responsibilities while addressing the needs of our clients and stakeholders.

Our Purpose
At NAVTEK, we believe that Blue Economy offers humanity prosperity in the areas of trade, food, energy and recreation. We offer unprecedented waterborne transport, offshore wind energy, port decarbonisation, zero emission vessels, marine defence, marine protection linked project development, design, contracting and construction and other related services.  We offer flexible platforms to connect the world and enable you to be successful. Innovative, revolutionary climate friendly vessels that inspire and raise the standard in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, circularity, ease of use and sustainability.

To achieve our purpose, we focus on the following key areas where we aim to provide state-of-art high quality services and products for our customers and stakeholders.

Continual improvement and assurance of world class quality and management system to guarantee our customers' and stakeholders' satisfaction and comply with national and international standards and regulations in all our activities,

To be one of the globally leading companies creating innovative, low emission, high-efficient technologies, contributing to the environmental and marine protection, low carbon development and maritime decarbonisation.

Promotion of digitalisation and digital technologies in our designs and products

Privileging females and disabled ones through equal-pay employment opportunities 

Continuous improvement of workplace health and safety to increase employees' happiness and productivity by reducing risks with the participation of employees.

Commitment to implementation of the "zero waste" management policy to contribute to the circularity.

We are committed to doing work to provide.

                   CHAIRMAN OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                                     TURGUT KIRAN                                                                   MURAT AVİNAL

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