NAVTEK was founded in 1977 by Mr. Vecdi Özek, Naval Architect. Today, NAVTEK is among the highest reputable and leading ship design company in Turkish shipbuilding.


Mr. Özek, started working on design and consultancy. His first project was a “1000DWT Product Tanker”, the success which lead his design to a high demand. Consequently, he designed general cargo vessels for the Turkish coaster fleet.

In the early 80’s he entered the ship building supply industry and made a name for himself by building hatch covers, cranes and steering gears for various general cargo vessels.

In the early 1990’s Mr. Özek expanded his initiatives by consulting the shipyards as technical consultant, solution partner and project manager. As a result of this growth NAVTEK NAVAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. was founded in 1999. All projects undertaken by Mr. Özek continued coming to life with NAVTEK.


  • NAVTEK put more emphasis on the energy and defence industries and then became the designer of the first POWERSHIP in the World. Several power ships / floating power plants were designed in the following years. These vessels are operating in Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Ghana and Indonesia.

  • NAVTEK’s portfolio grew to include Naval Projects such as the current flag ship of Turkish Navy’s landing fleet, the world’s biggest landing ship tank (LST).

  • NAVTEK has designed one of the world’s most advanced science ship VIRAZON II and with the distinction of being the first archaeological research vessel in Turkey.

  • Kıran Holding (TK TUZLA Shipyard) acquired the majority of NAVTEK’s shares, resulting a considerable financial and technical leap.

  • NAVTEK designed and delivered (built) the world’s first zero emission tugboat ‘ZEETUG’.

NAVTEK priority is to realize its ambitious goals and strategies for continued growth and development with new products in existing and new market segments in line with focusing on innovation, environment and community.